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    • Improve Your Productivity and Time on Task

      Track your time.

      Keep a log of how much time you spend on each task.    

      Get enough sleep.

      Plan ahead.

      ...and leave time in your plan for the unexpected delay or technical difficulty.

      Eat nutritious food.

      Your brain needs protein, carbohydrates, and fat to function at its best.

      Write down your to-do items at the end of the day, so when morning comes you are already set to start your first task.

      Take purposeful movement breaks.

      Fold a load laundry, shoot hoops for fifteen minutes, practice your musical instrument, or make a cup of tea and then start back into your schoolwork.  Physical movement that uses both sides of the body to accomplish something worthwhile is refreshing to the brain.

      Take this survey to help you gauge how well you are managing your time: Time and Task Management Survey

      • Quiz Corrections and Test Corrections

        Quiz and Test Corrections for Math:

        redo each missed question
        show all work
        give new answer

        Quiz and Test Corrections for Other Classes:

        redo each missed question
        give the correct answer (find it in the Apex studies)
        include the study number and page number you found it on OR write a complete sentence explaining the correct answer

        can earn half credit back for each corrected answer, up to 80%

      • Essay and Paragraph Structure

        Introduction Paragraph:

        • attention gainer sentence
        • background information
        • thesis statement

        Body Paragraph(s):

        • topic sentence
        • supporting sentences
        • conclusion sentence

        Conclusion Paragraph:

        • wrap up and summarize
        • include an interesting last perspective

        • Diction

          Improve your diction (choice of words, style of writing or speaking) with the help of a thesaurus or dictionary:

          Cambridge Dictionary for English Learners with understandable and straightforward definitions

 definitions from several different dictionaries all on the same page, and examples of the word used in sentences 

          Merriam Webster includes examples sentences and examples of the word used in context from literature and around the web

  improve your writing with descriptive words--instead of "walk" you could use "march," "ramble," "tread," or "tramp."

          • Math Tools

          • Emotion Regulation Strategies